Rebirth Fantasy Online

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Aug 7, 2018
Introduction / Story / Summary of the Game

Rebirth Fantasy Online is a Retro 2D Fantasy Online Role Playing Game, we bring back the style of a retro 2D rpg game like Zelda, Pokemon and Earthbound
The main concept of the story is where the player was summoned on another world to help the Goddess restore the balance of that world, but since there's no concept of clearing a online mmo games, the story won't focus much on what the Goddess request you to do, during your adventure throughout this world, you may find different characters with their own story and quests
Player will be force to join the Adventurer Guild and meet different Adventurer, player can also change their job by obtaining new titles​

Rebirth Fantasy is a Open World game style so it won't restrict players into a one path story line, they are free to start any stories, hunt any monsters as long as they can handle it, and explore everywhere (but not everything can be explored, there are some areas that you must clear a certain task to open)

  • Seamless Mapping
  • Sneaking Monster (Monster won't attack you unless they see you in front of them, so sneaking at their back is possible, and they won't suddenly turn back)
  • Monster attacking another Monster when they enter on their Territory (It's fun to see some Goblins Hunting Slimes when Slimes accidentally enter on Goblin's Territory)
  • Skill Building (After you learned a skill, you can edit the skill and see the information cores of that skill which shows like a Blocks, and you can remove some of those blocks or add a new blocks, edit it the way you like and the skill will change the way how you edit it)
  • Guild Mission (There are repeatable quest that player can accept per day, and completing this missions, you will earn some rewards and rank points, increasing your rank point you may rank up your guild rank, the ranking goes from Copper , Silver, Gold and so on)
  • Skill Base Combat (Player must think before they start attacking as there's no Free Default attack on this game, all attacks will be based on your skills so if you use a skill, it will cost stamina)

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