[Public Bug in MS 3.0.3] Screen bug

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Jan 27, 2014
Long time no passing through here ^^, i must say tthis days i increased my vb6 knowledge a lot (im happy :) ), added a lot of functions and fixed a lot more, but there is THE bug that mess me off, i can take the other buggys by my own, it's what it's supposed to do and don't care if i spend more or less time with them, but there is a bug in mirage source 3.0.3 that i don't comprehend:

Source used: Mirage Source v3.0.3

If you are at the bottom of the screen (MAX_MAP_Y we can call it), and you move to the LEFT ( ¿X - 1?), server won't detect movement, your character will move, but the server will not detect that you moved, and if you change map with that mess, you can figure what happens (bad warps, character freeze, etc..)

I took a look to the CASE DIR statements, and didn't found nothing, i found a lot of bugs adding my own functions but i fixed or half-fixed it all, but this one get's me mad, i don't know what is happening and that's why i ask for ideas.

It happens some similar to the DOOR tile type (not original in the source), if you enter a door for the right (moving left), server will boot you for attempting hacking (position modification), this second bug gives a little clue of what's happening (i guess in some case dir_left or right there is something wrong).

Hope for ideas and thanks!