Norta: Fields of War

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Jul 3, 2018

Story:(Being re-worked as of right now)
Norta is a legendary place of war. People of Norta are always fighting with each other. The Four (sub regions) all want total control for themselves. Each ruler has their own plans for Norta.......

Shea has been studying the four regions for years. Even though the penalty for contacting the Gods is death. He secretly learned the ancient art of contacting them. Most notably is Augh'Undo, the God of Air. This God has been tutoring Shea in an ancient art, that was once forgotten. Thanks to Augh’Undo, Shea was able to understand what each region wanted.

Before he was able to get help others in the other regions started research on their own. Each sub-region was able to contact other Gods:

  • Omina (Om-na) - God of Fire - Contacted by the Desert Region
  • Etzleg (Its-lag) - God of Water - Contacted by the Golf Region
  • Corin (Cor-in) - God of Earth - Contacted by the Pine Region
  • Augh'Undo (Argh-oondo) - God of Air - Contacted by the Rockies Region. Augh’Undo has only been in contact with Shea.
When Shea learned of this he started to get into contact with them to see if they all had the same goals. Thanks to Shea a resistance was born. The resistance started up a rebellion from this constant war. They would attack all sides. This resistance grew and grew. Eventually they overcame the rulers and a time of peace has started over Norta.

Unknowing to the resistance the former rulers started to learn how to talk to the Gods as well. The former rulers passed down their knowledge through their following and their families. They may have lost the war of all the land, they all kept the idea of one day of ruling all of Norta.

  • Searumal (Sear-u-mal) - Demon God of Fire - Contacted by former ruler of the Desert Region.
  • Guznar (Guz-na) - Demon God of Water - Contacted by former ruler of the Golf Region.
  • Gamran (Game-ran) - Demon God of Earth - Contacted by former ruler of the Pine Region.
  • Fukhi (Fu-k-hi) - Demon God of Air - Contacted by former ruler of the Rockies Region.
Before Shea passed from this world, he traveled deep into the pine region to seek out the Elves. Even though through constant war, and once being the dominant race of Norta, they are now only a few hundred left, Shea sought to teach them how to communicate with the Gods that once backed them in the ware which brought peace to the land of Norta. After his last few years on this world Shea was proud of what he saw in his life time. Though Augh’Undo was sad to see Shea leave, he left him with a message to pass on to the Elves…..

It has been 390 years since the Legendary Hero Shea passed from this world. Since then many people have ruled over the four regions. Though unknowing to the people of the land, most of the old rulers’ followers and family were now back in power. Once again war is about to break out between the Rockies, Gulf, and Desert Region.

This is where your journey begins. Will you become the helping hand that is needed to stop the war or will you help those who want chaos and death? Pick your path, though do so wisely. As only one path will lead you to fame and glory as the other will lead you despair and hatred.

Races and Classes:
These are the confirmed races and classes as of right now. More races will be added over time. Most likely after the story is finished being re-wroked.
  • Human: Once out populated by the Elves, they are now the dominant race. During the 2,000 years of battles and wars, humans made alliances among each other. Although the alliances never lasted more than one battle, they were able to drive back the Elves to the point where they could only defend their home land. After the Elven people stopped attacking and started to defend their region, the humans started to focus on each other.
  • Elves: Once the dominant race of Norta, now only a handful remain. Thanks to the 2,000 years of battles and wars. The Elven people are now sacluded deep into the Pine region of Norta. Many humans have forgotten about these creatures that are only in the stories about the wars, and battles that happened in the past.
Classes: Each class is available to each race. Depending on which race you start with will depend what classes will be available.

  • Warrior: Battle hardened. Doesn't know anything about magic. They rely on their strength and their knowledge of weapons. Warriors use a combination of swords, knifes, bows, and crossbows. Their skill/MP usage is used towards bulking up and hitting harder and for cheers that will increase allies HP/MP and Attacks. Elfs will start in Imna Dorthore and humans will start in Elyallin. You may pick this up in the Gulf Region in Stormhallow city.
  • Ranger: Skillful with animals and nature. Uses the elements to attack. Rangers have the ability to charm animals into being allies. They use bows and crossbows. Their skill/MP usage is used towards charming animals, calling forth elemental beings to be allies. Rangers are started with either being an Elf or by traveling to Imna Dorthore, which is located in the Pine region.
  • Monk: Monks rely on spells and smiting powers. Smiting and healing are what make monks. Although some are known for their combat skills known as Juw-Cirar. Monks use a combination of skill, staffs, and wands. Their skill/MP usage is used towards smiting, protection, and healing spells. You can start with a Monk by either starting as a human or reaching Oakencross in the Rockies Region.
  • Rogue: Ultimately known for being spies. The rogue rely on their stealth and quickness. Without these skills a rogue would be easily defeated. They know some magic and combat. Weapons they commonly use are daggers, bows, and knifes. Their skill/MP usage is used towards adding agility, stealth, and enhancing their strength. Rogues can be started with either human or elf. You may obtain this class by reaching Swiftmere in the desert region.

Towns and Cities
  • Imna Dorthore - Starting Town for Rangers as Elfs. Imna Dorthore is located in the Pine Region of Norta.
  • Thylhe Anore - Main city in the Pine Reagion. It is currently being ruled by Ahrendue Chaedithas.
  • Swiftmere - You are able to pick up Rogue here. Hyallon is located in the Desert Region.
  • Devils Fork - Main city in the Desert Region. Currently being ruled by The Hollow Devil.
  • Oakencross - Starting town for Monks as Humans. Elyallin is located in the Rockies Region.
  • Axaxelum Kingdom - Main city in the Rockies. It is currently being ruled by Archbishop Moyse.
The Kingdom of Axaxelum was built in the center of a giant mountain forest and is truly a state-of-the-art human phenomenon. Its charm is matched by the backdrop of snowy mountains which have helped shape the city to what it is today.
The materials these mountains brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the vast majority of buildings were designed with shapes and elements found in the mountains.
The skyline is spreading with peaks of mountains and even from afar they manage to display their beauty. Recreation is impeccable in Axaxelum Kingdom and it has attracted a lot of attention. Countless cultures have left their mark not just on education, but also upon the city's identity. What historically was a city of no variation has grown into a large melting pot and it's this that unites the thousands people to this day.
It's this multicultural identity that has truly left its mark. Hundreds of concession stands, coffeehouses and sandwich bars offer a plethora of culinary choices and those who feel hungry for something else can enjoy tours, dance, one of the many parks or one of the many other recreational venues.

  • Stormhallow - You are able to pick up Warrior if you did not start with it as a main class. Stormhallow is located in the Gulf Region.
  • Knavist Falls - Main city of the Gulf Region. Located on the eastern most coast of the region. Currently being ruled by Prudence 'The Straight' Frederik.
  • The city of Knavist Falls was built along the banks of a labyrinth of rivers and is truly an evergrowing phenomenon. Its elegance is matched by the backdrop of over flowing falls which have helped shape the city to what it is today.
The trade resources these seas brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to trading the sea and waterfalls and rivers played a huge step in making trade routes possible.
The skyline is scattered with various waterfalls along with rivers. The quality of life is high in Knavist Falls and it has attracted a lot of attention.

  1. Achievement System
    1. Achievements will be in place so there feels like a sense of completion. Mostly for Dungeons, Raids and how many quests are completed. More Achievements will be added threw out updates.
    2. If the game is successful, Steam achievements will be added. Steam achievements are just a possibility for now depending on success of the game and if I release it on steam.
  2. Completion Time
    1. Completion time is for dungeons, raids and certain special events. This will add in competitiveness outside of PVP. The faster you complete something the better the drops will be. After certain levels your times will not be calculated any more into the fastest time for the event, dugneon or raid.
    2. Once the time is set, or beaten a world message will be displayed on screen saying the time has been set or beaten.
  3. Friend System
    1. Want to keep track of where your friends are in game? No worries. Norta: Fields of War will come with a complete friendship system. The more you help each other the more information you gain about your friend, such as location, level, stats, etc.
  4. Sub Classes
    1. Choose from a handful of sub classes to specialize in. More info will come available once the sub class system is being developed.
  5. Mining, Gathering and Crafting
    1. Want to be that person who is able to give things to others? Want to make some extra gold? Then try your hand at mining, gathering and crafting.
    2. You will only be able to specialize in either mining or gathering. Though each one will have its own crafting.
  6. Mentor System
    1. Want to help out new people playing? Lower your level and quest, do dungeons and raids with them.
    2. The Mentor System will allow you to lower your level for 2 hours a day to help those who are new to the game.
  7. In Game Messaging
    1. Don't want to use external apps like Discord or forum software? No problem, with the messaging system you will be able to send anyone you have on your friends list a message. Messages can also include items if you want to send them a gift.
These are all the starting features for the game. More features will be added threw out the development of Norta: Fields of War.

The CoAG


Goltrix2580 - Investor... Pretty much paying for all the assests.

TheCrzyDoctor - Main guy behind Norta: Fields Of War

Ouchi Wa Oishi - Mapper

DM Brent - Story and quest creator. He is currently reworking the entire story and eventually quests.

Game Engine:
Lunar Engine: John L.

Music by Eric Matyas

Sound Effects by Eric Matyas

The CoAG
The CoAG (The Collective of Average Gamers) was started by a Twitch Streamer known as Goltrix2580. He has since grown form a personal discord to a group of people who enjoy playing games. The CoAG is pretty much the a collection of people who enjoy playing all types of games. The CoAG will be the developer of the game as Norta: Fields of War is being created with their backing and will be published by them as well.

You can join the discord channel by visiting this link - Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
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