At six o'clock in the morning

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Jan 20, 2019
At six o'clock in the morning, I woke up from my dreams and opened my confused eyes. After a while, I started to act. I started the "cleaning task" first, then completed the "feeding task" and started. My day is wants to wash a lot of clothes, and there are dirty clothes on her body. Look, my mother has already carried those dirty clothes in the yard. I want to help her Newport Soft Pack Carton, but she waved her hand and gestured to let me ignore her Best Online Cigarettes Newport. I don��t know how. I think the body is light and fluttering, and then I look at it, the sun really reveals that beautiful smile.n't have any learning things to do today, so I can take a day off. When I first saw it, everything was so fresh, the fresh air caught the aroma of the earth and washed away my boredom. Step forward, the beauty of the scenery is in the eye. Hundreds of flowers are released, and the pond is full of ponds. The blue sky, white clouds, flowers, and grass formed a wonderful landscape painting, and I was intoxicated. Intoxicated for all this.ermelon. I cried my hand and said, "Good! Good! I am the best to go to the melon." Mom took me arrived at the watermelon land. What surprised me was that, looking at it, the watermelon field was full of weeds. What kind of watermelon? But I didn't take a few steps. Suddenly, somehow, my feet seemed to step on a round, slippery thing. I opened the weeds next to me, revealing a small watermelon that seemed to fall asleepach watermelon grows almost the same, how do you know which watermelon is cooked, which is still white melon? My mother looked very experienced and said: "It��s cooked watermelon when it��s shot, and the '' is still not cooked.�� Mekong also said: "I saw it on TV, took it and The sound of the chest is familiar, and it is not the same as the sound of the belly and the head." I made a big sigh. Then, the field sounded a burst of the sound of the belly beat the belly Printable Carton Newport Cigarette, one after another, like a jagged drum, it sounds extraordinarily funny. I don't know if I really mastered the technique of distinguishing watermelons. Anyway, a bunch of watermelons were "selected" in a short time. we went back to our hometown. The watermelon was soaked in the cold stream of water. When it was picked up, it still had crystal water drops. It was cut with a kitchen knife "Kara", and the bright red melon appeared. The black and black melon seeds were like black crystal Cheep Newports With Stamps. Inlaid like. I quickly picked up a piece and bit it down. The sweet watermelon juice suddenly spread to every corner of my mouth and it was cool to the heart Marlboro Red 100S Pack Price Online. We sat on the stone bench and tasted it while praising the sweetness of the watermelon, and a red sun shows the same color as the melon. From time to time, there are several long-tailed big birds that harmonrice? Eat so many watermelons?" Grandma blamed with pure native words, but her face was smiling with a sly smile. "There are some watermelons. If you eat, eat first." Grandma is facing us. "You don't go back to the city, stay here?" We all loved the delicious watermelon and promised to come down.