1. John John:
    you gotta stop trolling to be in the Discord
  2. C Chief:
    How many forums have you been banned from?
  3. John John:
    just Eclipse when Amish took over I believe. no other significant ones that I can think of
  4. C Chief:
    Mario number one
  5. C Chief:
    I think I've been banned from like 5 or 6 forums
  6. C Chief:
    Give me a custom member group
  7. C Chief:
    Get me security
  8. C Chief:
    My soda is warm
  9. John John:
    i only drink La Croix
  10. John John:
  11. John John:
  12. R Rian:
  13. Rob Rob:
  14. C Chief:
    Put me in the Legend group
  15. John John:
    I will be making a Veteran group for old Eclipse and Mirage members eventually that you can be in. Legend is reserved for staff from the old Mirage forums rn
  16. Rob Rob:
  17. C Chief:
    Stop making excuses
  18. Rob Rob:
    No u
  19. T TheCrzyDoctor:
    I was in legend group for liek a whole 15 minutes when marsh was drunk... does that count?
  20. T TheCrzyDoctor:
    enough for me to be in the legend group?
  21. T TheCrzyDoctor:
    also why bring the same group names from the past? re create the system dont copy it lol
  22. John John:
    Eh I like the user groups from old Eclipse tho
  23. John John:
    I'll put you into a special usergroup too. Haven't finalized that
  24. T TheCrzyDoctor:
    it bust not be crzy the hated the hated...
  25. John John: